Why Us?

With two great bakers teaming up to be one, what better way to make sure you get a little bit of everything! 12yrs of experience between the both of us allows our customers to maximize their dessert experience. 

Baking every product from scratch, we make sure our customers taste the love that we create with our hands. Still providing gluten free and vegan products, we try to cater to all allergy needs.





A Bite of Heaven is dedicated to the memory of Susan Metzger, who passed on July 22, 2013. Her encouragement and support were instrumental in making this dream a reality.  We love and miss her.

Tavia: In business since 2013, Tavia prides herself in making sure all allergy needs are met. With quick hands and a creative mind, she makes sure that every bite is heavenly. 

Tia: In business for over 6 yrs, Tia takes a challenge and turns it into a masterpiece. As a dedicated visionary, she knows how turn dreams into cakes.