Specialty Loaves

Triple Chocolate Banana (gf, v)

With a hint of banana, this chocolate bread is paired with chips in every bite and topped with a chocolate ganache.

Snickerdoodle Apple (gf, v)

With its cinnamon sugar flacky layer top, this snickerdoodle bread is filled with diced warm apples

Lemon (gf, v)

Just like its name, this loaf screams lemon and is topped with a fresh lemon glazed

Lemon Poppy Seed (gf, v)

If you love lemon, you will love this pair. Its lemon flavor and hint of poppy seeds makes this loaf hard to resist

Zucchini (gf, v)

A healthier option with a spin is in. This zucchinni bread is paired with nuts and spices to make it a huge hit

Banana (gf, v)

And who doesnt like banana bread! Soft and moist, with nothing but love

Pumpkin Spice 

This cinnamon pumpkin spiced cake will melt in your mouth.