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*Dessert of the Month Club*

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1 Year Subscription: $280

6 Month subscription: $145

3 Month subscription: $75

1 Month subscription: $25

Pricing for shipping

Northeast - $13 per month

South - $15 per month

Midwest - $17 per month

West - $19 per month

Please note: Due to weight variation each month, pricing is to ensure coverage no matter the weight. 


Vacationing with brownies

~ These thick and fudge brownies are topped with homemade caramel, pecans, and drizzled with chocolate.


Fall into your favorite

~If you have something you would like to taste, here is your chance! Tell us what you wish to try from our list of cookies and we will send it to you.


Snap into fall

~Spicing it up with a bit of ginger in our delicious Ginger Snap cookies!


No Trick, just Treats

~ Pumpkin loaf is coming your way.


Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Apple Pie is always amazing at your thanksgiving table.

Merry Christmas

~ Yummy Peppermint Chocolate Chip cookies for the holidays.

Cant figure out what to try? You don't have to! A Bite of Heaven offers a Dessert of the Month club!

For a discounted price, you can try exclusive cookies, cakes, brownies and more!

Serving Size: 4-6


~ Surprise! its a secret. Let us surprise you with a bakers choice!


Be mine for Valentines Chocolates

~ Let us fill your hearts with chocolate pretzels, Oreos, and rice crispy treats!


Sharing the luck with a little sugar

~ Our famous sugar cookies rolled in "green" sugar will melt in your mouth.


Hop on into Easter

~With our famous carrot cake!


Lets enjoy those spring flowers

~ Lemonade is always great on a cool spring day, so try out our zesty lemon loaf.


The taste of Summer

~ Jack n Jill ice cream comes to mind. Let us send you our Strawberry Crunch Cake!

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