Specialty Items


*Chocolate chip cookie caramel cheese cake bars

~Homemade chewy chocolate chip cookie bottom with a cheese cake topping swirled with caramel.



*Triple chocolate brownies

~These chewy delights are packed with chocolate fudge, chocolate chunks and chocolate chips.


*Caramel Pecan Brownies

~These chewy brownies are made with homemade caramel drizzled on top, accompanied by sweet chocolate and pecan pieces.



Along with everything else on the menu, this long time friend is made from scratch. Starting from is graham cracker crust, and finishing with its fruit topping, its to die for!


*Chocolate Strawberries

Dipped to perfection, we will never disappoint 


We make thick brownies with the perfect amount of fudge. We also make chocolate covered pretzels covered in your choice of sprinkles or drizzled with your choice of chocolate.